© Emma Willemen

For this first assignment I had to draw a portrait of someone witout lifting my pen and I only had 2-3 minutes to draw it.

Something that I don’t really like about the way it turned out is the look of the hair. I feel like it looks very thin and even though I used many lines at the bottom, it doesn’t look very convincing in my opinion.  I also feel like the proportions are a bit weird.

An element of this portrait that I am personally quite pleased with, is the way the flowery headpiece she is wearing looks. Even though it is drawn very messy, I think that the flowers and (sort of) leaves add a nice touch to the image.


© Emma Willemen

The look of this portrait is inspired by Stina Persson’s work. I also had to choose a bit of an uncommon angle to draw a portrait from and when painting it, I tried to look for the shadows in the picture.

Some parts of this portrait that I don’t really like that much are the way the chin and neck look, to me it seems that the shadows there don’t look as they are supposed to.

On the other hand, I am rather pleased zith the shadows in the rest of the face and the way the hair changes colour.


© Emma Willemen

This is assignment had to be a kind of study, where we painted (parts of people) really fast using ink.

Most of the little studies on this paper I am not very happy with.  In my opinion most of the shapes are very inaccurate and they are not very pleasing to the eye. I suppose that one of the reasons for this is the fact that I was not allowed to sketch anything before using the ink.

The only one of the studies that I kind of like, is the one that pictures the crossed legs/feet from the back. I think it is a quite nice image, without really giving any detail.

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